A New Vision for Compounding Pharmacy

Compounding pharmacy will drastically change in the next five years. At Revelation Pharma, we think this change will be challenging, but represents an exciting opportunity for the compounding industry. Talk to us and see how we view the opportunity.

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Revelation Pharma is a national network of 503A compounding pharmacies providing innovative and quality pharmacy preparations and services through “industry best” patient care and solutions for customers.

Our Exciting Vision

The compounding pharmacy industry is rapidly innovating and growing. Revelation Pharma will be a leader of that innovation and growth by bringing together top minds and talent in the industry to continue to leverage key insights and deliver top quality compounded drugs to meet patients’ exact needs. The team will seek to rekindle and harness much of the camaraderie and knowledge-sharing that has been a hallmark of the industry over the years

We believe the timing is ideal for a partnership to form and lead the compounding pharmacy industry into its next phase of growth. Partners joining the team will be able to participate in the vision and achieve much greater impact than as a standalone. They can achieve a near-term liquidity event and then also have the potential for a significant longer-term liquidity event

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Where we’re going

  • 2021
  • 2022
  • 2023
  • Long Term

Our Financial Partner

Revelation Pharma has partnered with Osceola Capital to fund the growth of the business. Osceola operates a committed fund which provides Revelation Pharma the ability to deploy capital and execute transactions seamlessly

Osceola Capital is a respected Lower Middle Market private equity firm that specializes in investments in businesses with <$10M EBITDA, with a special focus in the healthcare services space

Osceola frequently invests and partners with founder owned/operated businesses, and the fund’s principals have spent significant time in operator roles. Osceola has the ability to provide resources to support the company’s operations as needed, but seeks to empower the management team to execute the strategy of the business


Our Partner Pharmacies

Revelation Pharma seeks to partner with reputable and respected compounding pharmacies that have desire to collaborate and grow


Selling owner: Chris Schulte
Location: Pensacola, FL
Partnership Date: December 2020

Pharmacy Specialists

Selling owner: Sam Pratt
Location: Altamonte Springs, FL
Partnership Date: April 2021

Pencol Compounding Pharmacy

Selling owner: Tony Jones
Location: Denver, CO
Partnership Date: August 2021

Seller Benefits

Exit opportunity

Providing liquidity and personal financial diversification

Attractive ongoing investment

Opportunity to invest in and be part of a high-growth business


Innovate and share best practices with other industry leaders to develop and commercialize new treatments to improve patient’s quality of life

Cross-selling opportunities

Pursuing growth in new product segments across key markets

Best in class compliance program

Keen focus on addressing the increasing compliance burden through

  • Capex investments to meet regulatory requirements
  • Expert business, compliance, and legal teams to address any issues that arise
Inter-state distribution solution

Revelation Pharma will address challenges from new regulations (such as the FDA MOU) through a national team and streamlined protocols to manage changing regulations (i.e. certification, licensing, ect.)

Streamline back office operations

Modernized and efficient back office systems, including Regulatory, IT, HR, Accounting, Marketing, and Legal operations

Succession planning

Ensure seamless transition for aging owners looking to retire

Who We Are

Revelation is led by a team of industry-renowned experts, who have owned and grown their own respective compounding pharmacies. Management specializes in pharmaceutical innovation, mergers and acquisitions, organic service and geographic expansion, as well as regulation and compliance

Jacob Beckel
Chairman Jacob Beckel
Richard Case
CEO Richard Case
Michelle Case
Chief Operating Officer Michelle Case
Pharmacy Partner
Chris Schulte Pharmacy Partner


The 503A compounding industry is highly fragmented, and Revelation Pharma plans to deploy an aggressive acquisition strategy to expand its national footprint to bring pharmacists closer to local communities across the country. The Revelation team is interested in partnering with 503A compounding pharmacy owners who have interest in selling a majority stake in their business, with opportunity for significant growth as part of a scalable, PE-backed platform

Operates as a 503A compounding pharmacy
Based in USA
Compounding Revenue > $1.5 million and EBITDA > $250K

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do you value my pharmacy?

    • We are looking for the amount of cash flow that your company generates each year called EBITDA (Earnings Before Interest Taxes Depreciation Amortization) and then pay you a multiple of this based on current market conditions
    • Most pharmacists run their business to minimize taxes.  We understand this and make adjustments to EBITDA in your favor
    • Our purchase price will be (Adjusted EBITDA x Multiple) = Purchase Price paid in cash.  You can then decide how much you would like to roll into our equity
  • How can you grow my pharmacy business when I have been running it for the past 20 years?

    • We take the administrative responsibility off your pharmacy and employees.  We will do HR, IT, Regulatory etc..
    • We will introduce other innovations and compounding opportunities that we are developing at a national level to your pharmacy
    • We are developing an intercompany system that will provide compounding opportunities to your pharmacy from our partners in other states
  • How can you increase my Gross Margin?

    • Better purchasing contracts with vendors
    • Best in class operations to streamline your SOP’s and flow of business
  • I am doing well financially as a owner, why would I want to give that up?

    • Cash in the bank (take some chips off the table)
    • Roll equity (your stock) into our stock tax free
    • Early investor opportunity – Would you have liked to invest in Walgreens when they had 100 locations?
  • I don’t ship much across state line so the MOU won’t affect me?

    • We think it will be a positive item if you are receiving prescriptions from other pharmacies in our network
    • If you are the first pharmacy location in your state to join us, you will have the best opportunity of capitalizing on growth from our innovative national products
  • I need capital to build out for the new USP 797 & 800. How do you do this?

    • We will help you invest the capital that is needed to ensure your pharmacy meets our quality standards
    • We also set up the training for your employees to become certified and maintain those standards
  • How long do I need to work for the company if I want to retire?

    • Depending on where your desires lay, you can join us full-time or you can choose to retire. Most of our partners want somewhere in-between these options, and we can work with you to determine a solution that suits everyone
  • I would like to sell today for some cash but I have a few really good ideas on how to grow my business in the future and can show you how to do this nationwide. How does that work?

    • We will pay you for the current value of your business today, and then build in incentives so that you can cash in on your ideas. In fact, we may provide you the resources needed to build a plan and implement your ideas

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Change the future of compounding pharmacy with us.

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Change the future of compounding pharmacy with us

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