Congratulations to our Clinical Liaison, Michelle Moser!

Revelation Pharma wants to wish a HUGE congratulations to our Clinical Liaison and Pharmacist, Michelle Moser, for being elected as the Alliance for Pharmacy Compounding Board Vice President for 2024. This means that she will ultimately ascend to the board chairmanship in three years, this is an amazing accomplishment, and we are so proud of her.

Michelle Moser is a 35-year pharmacy veteran, a 2022 APC Fellow, and has served on the APC Board of Directors since 2021. She is the 2023 vice chair of APC’s education committee and a regular presenter at our programs and events.

We are so excited for Michelle to continue exercising greatness – and making us here at Revelation look good! 

Michelle is an LDN Specialist, you can find her collection of webinars on our YouTube channel

Visit the Makers Compounding Pharmacy website for even more of Michelle’s content.

Proud Pharmacy Member - Alliance for Pharmacy Compounding

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