Revelation Pharma Completes Five Acquisitions

Each Pharmacy Acquisition Is Highly Strategic to the Revelation Platform – Expanding Our Geographic Reach to Key Areas of the United States

Revelation Pharma, a portfolio company of Osceola Capital, has completed the acquisitions of five compounding pharmacies, to include: Innovation Compounding, Pencol Compounding Pharmacy, Pharmacy Specialists Compounding, Wise Compounding, and Convex Pharmacy. In 2021, Osceola formed Revelation Pharma with the acquisition of Everwell Specialty Pharmacy.

Innovation Compounding, headquartered in Kennesaw, GA, provides custom compounded medications for patients and physicians nationwide. Innovation specializes in men’s health, women’s health, allergy, IV/IM nutrition, pain management, and dermatology.  Visit to learn more.

Pencol Compounding, headquartered in Denver, CO, provides custom compounded medications for patients and physicians in Colorado and the Mountain West. Pencol specializes in men and women’s health, veterinary products, pain management, and dermatology. Visit to learn more.

Pharmacy Specialists Compounding, headquartered in Altamonte Springs, FL, provides custom compounded medications for patients and physicians throughout Florida and surrounding states. Pharmacy Specialists specializes in men and women’s health, immune system and thyroid therapy, and pain management. Visit to learn more.

Wise Pharmacy, headquartered in Littleton, CO, provides custom compounded medications for patients and physicians throughout Colorado and will be merged with Pencol Compounding.

Convex Pharmacy, headquartered in Orland Park, IL, provides custom compounded medications for patients and physicians nationwide and will be merged with Everwell Specialty Pharmacy.

“We’re excited to welcome Innovation, Pencol, Pharmacy Specialists, Wise and Convex to the Revelation platform. These partnerships add to our expertise in a wide variety of innovative therapies, and we remain focused on looking for new acquisitions to expand our capabilities and better serve our customers,” said Jake Beckel, Chairman of Revelation Pharma.

Ben Moe, Managing Partner of Osceola Capital, adds, “These acquisitions are highly strategic to the Revelation platform – expanding our geographic reach to key areas of the US and adding talented leadership to the business. We look forward to continuing an aggressive acquisition growth strategy and partnering with best-in-class compounding pharmacies nationwide.”

About Revelation Pharma Corp.
Revelation Pharma is a provider of specialty pharmacy compounding services offering customized compounded pharmaceuticals in multiple dosages and delivery forms to patients and providers across the US. Pharmacy compounding is the formulation and alteration of a drug to meet the unique needs of an individual patient when a commercial drug is not available. Revelation works with both the physician and patient to provide personalized medicine by customizing the preparation, ingredients, and drug form based on specific medical need. Revelation’s network of pharmacies specializes in numerous innovative medical therapies, including men and women’s health, allergy and nutrition therapy, immune support, hormone therapy, pain management, oncology, dermatology, and veterinary products. The Company is licensed in all 50 states and works with physician offices and veterinary clinics to deliver medications to patients nationwide.
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About Osceola Capital
Osceola Capital is a Tampa-based private equity firm that invests in lower middle-market services companies, typically with EBITDA of $2 million to $10 millionOsceola has extensive experience partnering with management teams to execute buy-and-build strategies and drive long-term value creation.
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