Veg is all you need … not

A recent study in the journal Menopause found a headline-worthy result: For women with mild cases of hot flashes, “a plant-based, whole foods diet reduced hot flashes associated with menopause by a whopping 88%.”

Wowzers! Sounds like eating your veggies is all you need.

Well, nope.

Turns out the study only looked at women with very few hot flashes (like, two a day) and it also required a long-term, strictly vegan diet that kinda sucks the joy out of living even if it provides relief. (It didn’t apply to premature menopause, either.)

In reality, menopause is complex; hot flashes can’t be easily fixed by a diet change. (If only!)

But you know who CAN help you find the right combination of diet changes, medication, and lifestyle adjustments? Your compounding pharmacist. They’re the experts in custom medications and helping you deal with those major life changes. Talk to yours — you might be surprised at the huge array of options at your disposal to help you handle the effects of menopause and get back to your life.

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