Revelation Pharma offers an ever-growing library of webinars for both prescribers and their patients, providing the most up-to-date, science-backed information on a variety of health topics.

Webinars for Prescribers

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Thyroid Health with Pharmacist Michelle Moser

Coming in February: Weight Loss and LDN
Coming in March: Gut Health
Coming in April: Healthy Aging and Hormone Balance
Coming in May: Autoimmune Disorders: Coming in May
Coming in June: Men’s Health
Coming in July: SIBO, SIFO, and Beyond

Webinars for Patients

Supplements and Nutraceuticals 101
with Pharmacist Baylor Rice

Optimal Thyroid Health
with Pharmacist Baylor Rice

Your Adrenals and Preventing Stress
with Pharmacist Baylor Rice

All About CBD and Delta 8/9
with Pharmacist Baylor Rice

Coming in March: Gastrointestinal Health
Coming in April: Women’s Health
Coming in May: Allergy and Immune System Support
Coming in June: Men’s Health
Coming in July : Inflammation
Coming in August: Weight Management Support
Coming in September: Pain Management Options
Coming in October: Ophthalmic and Eye Health
Coming in November: Diabetic Support
Coming in December: Sleep Support

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