When hospitals jack up medication prices

New data from America’s Health Insurance Plans found that hospitals and physicians’ offices jack up the prices of medications far beyond what they would cost at specialty pharmacies.

“See what insurance companies say” is often good advice — when they point fingers at what’s costing them money, it’s worth listening.

In this case, the data show that, of the 10 highest-cost drugs, physician offices marked up prices by $1,559 and hospitals marked them up by $8,278.

“Specialty pharmacies lower a patient’s health care costs by preventing hospitals and physicians from charging exorbitant fees to buy and store specialty medicines themselves,” the study explained. “Secure, direct delivery is more efficient and effective and reduces health care costs.”

We don’t always like to toot our own horn, but this is just another example of the great work compounding pharmacies do — helping patients feel better, and helping keeps costs down, too.

Click here for AHIP’s report (2-page PDF).



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